School Policies


The Board of FTAA-MT policies and regulations are guidelines that provide direction to students, parents and school employees, regarding many matters ranging from education to fundraising. The Board of FTAA-MT reviews recommended modifications annually and amends existing policies and regulations on an as needed basis or creates new policies and regulations.


Policy EDU-P-5200 Attendance

Policy EDU-P-5210 Access to Student Records

Policy EDU-P-5211 Emergency Closings

Policy  EDU-P-5213 Parent Conferences

Policy  EDU-P-5214   Graduation

Policy  EDU-P-5320 Religious Accommodation of Students

Policy  EDU-P-5300   Guidance Programs

Policy  EDU-P-5310   Mental Health and Well Being

Policy  EDU-P-5330   Relations with Parent Organizations

Regulation EDU-R-200 Attendance

Regulation EDU-R-210 Access to Student Records

Regulation EDU-R-211 Severe Weather Emergency Response

Regulation EDU-R-320 Religious Accommodation of Students

Regulation EDU-R-300 Advising and Counseling

Regulation EDU-R-330 Parent Associations and the School


EXTERNAL AFFAIRS              

Policy  EXT-P-5530 Filming at School Facilities

Regulation EXT-R-530 Filming at School Facilities


Policy  LOG-P-5700 Student Transportation

Policy  LOG-P-5704 Airport Transportation

Policy  LOG-P-5401 Security and Safety

Policy  LOG-P-5402 Visitors

Regulation LOG-R-700 Student Transportation

Regulation LOG-R-401 Security and Safety


Parent-Student Handbook

Policy  SA-P-5430 Student Discipline

Policy  SA-P-5105 Uniforms

Policy  SA-P-5403 Electronics Resources

Policy  SA-P-5404 Electronics

Policy  SA-P-5706 Field Trips and Excursions

Policy  SA-P-5500 Student Organizations

Policy  SA-P-5510 Fundraising and Charitable Solicitations

Policy  SA-P-5450 Residential Life

Policy  SA-P-5101A Homestay

Policy  SA-P-5600 Health Services

Regulation SA-R-430 Student Discipline

Regulation SA-R-404 Student Use of Electronic Devices

Regulation SA-R-403 Student Use of Electronic Resources

Regulation SA-R-706 Field Trips and Excursions

Regulation SA-R-500 Student Organizations

Regulation SA-R-510 Fundraising Activities

Regulation SA-R-101A Homestay

Regulation SA-R-600 Health Services

Regulation SA-R-610 Medical Emergency Response

Regulation SA-R-611 Minor Illness

Procedure SA-PR-02 Dormitory Management

Handbook SA-H-431 Code of Conduct

Handbook SA-H-01 Dormitory

Matrix SA-M-432 Discipline Matrix