The Academic Track at Fei Tian Academy of the Arts-Middletown (FTAA-MT) focuses on general education and prepares students to go on to college and pursue a wide range of professional interests and occupations. Students will be offered a top quality academic education and a wide range of AP courses for electives.

FTAA-MT also offers hands-on opportunities for students to take part in projects in science research institutions and government agencies. These extracurricular activities can integrate the students’ learning into practical use and greatly enhance their competitiveness in seeking professional careers and/or college admissions.

In addition, the Office of Student Affairs and student advisers closely guide 9th through 12th graders through the college admission process, and provide individualized college planning for students. This process begins in the winter of 9th grade and continues through the fall and winter of 12th grade. With the assistance of the Office and their advisers, students review their own academic standing, contemplate their aspirations, review the job market, research the college that is right for him or her, and, finally, apply.