Academic Faculty


Kimberly Crespin

English Teacher (ESL)

Before joining Fei Tian Academy, Ms.C taught English to speakers of other languages for four years in international, domestic, and virtual settings. For two years, she taught English at a Chinese university and draws on this experience when working with Mandarin-speaking students. Ms.C holds a B.A. in Anthropology with minors in English and Linguistics from SUNY Plattsburgh as well as being certified in both TEFL/TESOL instruction.

She applies her background in language and cross-cultural understanding in all aspects of her teaching. Ms.C believes in creating an engaging learning environment that focuses on relevancy. Her goal is to create an atmosphere that inspires confident English-speaking students.

Gloria Shang

Chinese Language Teacher and Homeroom Advisor for Academic Students

Gloria Shang was born in China, where she lived before coming to the United States in 2008. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Linguistics and Literature at Hebei University, China, and earned her Master’s Degree in Education: Curriculum & Classroom Instruction at Ashland University, Ohio, in 2009. She completed the Indiana University Chinese Pedagogy Institute’s intensive courses on teaching Mandarin Chinese at the secondary-school level in 2010 and 2011.

Ms. Shang obtained her teaching license, P-12, in Chinese, and before joining Fei Tian, she taught Chinese in middle and high schools in Indiana for seven years. She feels honored to help students develop a passion for appreciating the 5,000 years of divinely inspired Chinese culture and for learning the beautiful Chinese language.

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