Arts Education

At Fei Tian Academy of the Arts-Middletown (FTAA-MT), students who choose the arts track receive rigorous instruction in classical dance, music, and fine arts. At the same time, students also receive a top quality academic education. In this way, they may be college-ready while developing their potential to be outstanding artists at a professional level.


Our unique dance program teaches Classical Chinese Dance. Our program is also unique worldwide.


FTAA-MT’s music program is a rigorous program in performance skills that allows students to pursue a major in either a Western or Chinese musical instrument. Students develop the competence and sensitivity for performing cross-cultural music.

Both dance and music students have opportunities to showcase their respective art forms both on campus and through community events so they can improve more quickly.

Fine Arts

FTAA-MT also offers a unique opportunity for students to learn and develop skills necessary for the traditional techniques in fine arts. We offer a traditional skill-based training in realism that most other schools do not offer except through private tutoring.