Fine Arts Program

The mission of the FTAA-MT’s Fine Arts Program is to help students develop noble character, proper aesthetics, solid artistic skills, and creative thinking, all of which lays the foundation in Fine Arts for college studies in both arts and non-arts majors.

The Fine Arts program teaches the essence of traditional Chinese and Western art forms.

Fine arts has a huge potential for future study and careers, such as:

Design Category Careers. Architectural Design, Interior Design, Fashion Design, Jewelry Design, Industrial Design, Product Design, Package Design, Advertising Design, Stage Art, etc.

Pure Fine Arts Category Careers. Illustrator, Oil Painter, Watercolor Painter, Cartoonist, Sculptor etc.

Film and Television, 3D Movie, Animation. Film and Television Production, Photography. Such careers require the basic skills of art. The 6 years of art study will lay a solid foundation in fine arts, and will enrich and broaden the creative thinking of our students. It will cultivate the best creative talent in fine arts, laying the most solid foundation for entering the ideal college studies in both arts and non-arts majors in the United States. Your child’s arts talent will add to their points in applying to any college. Their fine arts talent will always impress upon people the depth of their character. When they open up their collection of wonderful artistic works with confidence, it is a precious life-changing moment.

Through the joint efforts of the school and the teachers, we will bring to our students the best programs of authentic and professional painting skills training and the improvement of their characters through cultivation. Those who watched the movie 2012 might recall when the disaster at the end of world arrives, people want to bring on board the most precious things, and the first item appearing in front of the camera is Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece “Mona Lisa”—the treasure of the Louvre, in France. You can tell the value of good art in people’s minds: Priceless. And our students—your children—the artists of tomorrow are the true priceless treasures for our future.

Let us hope their beautiful journey as artists begins here. With a genuine devotion to art and a passion for what lies ahead, your dream is no longer a dream, your dream is in fact our goal.

We are looking forward to your support in turning our Department of Fine Arts into the cradle of the most extraordinary artists in the world.