Dancers’ Wellness

Dance Department Wellness Policy

For the FTAA-MT Dance Department, our students’ health is a top priority. Only with a healthy body can students continue to grow, focus in class, and excel in dance. Dance, like any other physically demanding activity, has a higher nutritional requirement for maintaining physical health. As a result, it is important that students understand basic nutrition and consume enough healthy foods to meet the body’s increased nutritional demand for maintaining a lean, but healthy and strong, body.

The school’s health experts, physical education teachers, dance teachers, nurse, and kitchen staff will work together to educate our students on nutrition and provide them with healthy choices at meal times that cater to a dancer’s needs. Additionally, the dance department will track our students’ weight, height, and BMI to gauge the students’ development curve. This way, we can monitor for any signs that may require additional attention. In the event that a student does require additional attention and aid in their nutrition, the dance department will coordinate with the school’s health experts, physical education department, nurse, and kitchen to provide assistance and advice.